1. A Mathematician's Apology. (pdf)
  2. Time Bandits - What were Einstein and Godel talking about?
  3. Infinite Investigators
  4. Ten Lessons I wish I had been Taught - Gian-Carlo Rota.
  5. Manifold Destiny - A legendary problem and the battle over who solved it.
  6. Fine Hall in its golden age: Remembrances of Princeton in the early fifties - Gian-Carlo Rota.
  7. Rota reflects on math and mathematicians.
  8. What's Special About This Number?
  9. Accidental Algorithms - Boundary between easy and hard problems.
  10. Mathematics, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence. (pdf)
  11. Godel and the limits of logic.
  12. Foolproof - Mathematical proof is foolproof, it seems, only in the absence of fools.
  13. A Focal Point for Information about numbers.
  14. Challenges for Theoretical Computer Science: (draft).
  15. Most Marvelous Theorem


  1. Fractal Universe?
  2. Unstrung - In string theory, beauty is truth, truth beauty. Is that really all we need to know?
  3. At a Glance: Cosmic topology.
  4. Crash Course - Can a seventeen-mile-long collider unlock the universe?
  5. The Reality Tests


  1. 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Brain.
  2. The Itch
  3. Synapses Found to Be More Complex Up the Evolutionary Scale
  4. The Brain is not Modular
  5. Numbers Guy - Are our brains wired for maths?
  6. Mirror neurons: How we reflect on behavior.
  7. To understand the big picture, give it time -- and sleep.
  8. Socializing Promotes Neurogenesis


  1. Learning From Failure
  2. Impulsivity due to Distortions
  3. Peer Reviwed Memory Results
  4. Fear and Anxiety.
  5. Track your mind, kick your craving
  6. Motivation to Learn: An Overview.
  7. Metacognition: An Overview.
  8. Is 'Do Unto Others' Written Into Our Genes?
  9. Laughter is simply how we connect.
  10. After Freud.
  11. How Much Progress Have Psychology and Psychiatry Really Made?
  12. The Herd Instinct - Its benefits and its costs.
  13. Why can't we stick to our goals?
  14. Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn?
  15. Dare To Be Yourself
  16. RD Laing & Family
  17. The Crowd Within


  1. A Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan.
  2. The Last Question - Isaac Asimov.
  3. Six Cautionary Tales for Scientists - Freeman Dyson.
  4. Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society - Freeman Dyson.
  5. Einstein: An Edge Symposium - Brian Greene, Walter Isaacson, Paul Steinhardt.
  6. The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Carl Sagan.
  7. The Nine Billion Names of God - Arthur Clarke.
  8. What Is Intelligence, Anyway? - Isaac Asimov.
  9. Where Are They?
  10. Lets get rid of darwinism


  1. Exposure - The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib.
  2. The Paradox of Military Technology.
  3. Shaping the World at Versailles: A Q&A With the Author of A Shattered Peace.
  4. Iraq the place vs. Iraq the abstraction


  1. How we didn't win the war . . . but the Russians did.
  2. How America Lost the War on Drugs.
  3. Gandhi and Churchhill


  1. Can Machines be Conscious?
  2. The New Economics of Semiconductor Manufacturing


  1. Random Acts of Evolution


  1. Vengeance is Ours - What can tribal societies tell us about our need to get even?

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